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Cities in the Sea

Jacque Fresco, the contemporary Leonardo da Vinci, has always been an inspiration for us.

In tribute to this greatest mind of our time, futurist and designer, philosopher and dreamer, we quote here a small part of his amazing vision of our future:

Sea cities.
A global system of these structures can easily accommodate many millions of people and relieve the land based population pressures. They can provide the inhabitants with information and serve as natural sea aquariums without artificially enclosing marine life.

Many of these cities may serve as oceanographic universities that maintain the ecological balance of marine systems. Other ocean cities will maintain sea farms that will cultivate many forms of marine life. They could also be used as a new resource for mining the relatively untapped resources of the oceans without disturbing its ecology. Still others may monitor and maintain environmental equilibrium and reclaim dangerous radioactive and other pollutant materials that have been dumped into the sea.

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